One of our missions is to give back to the community. We accomplish it by donating our time, skills and sources. Constant participation in fund-raising events, 4th of July parades, Mardi Gras festivities and event stand-bys is our pride.

We sponsor entertainment events, such as jazz concerts to the residents and patients of the surrounding retirement communities. We donate our time and provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid training, as well as various programs aimed specifically at our friends and neighbors that have reached their golden years.

Emergency Medical Services is a branch of healthcare in which humanitarianism is one of top priorities. With the state of the economy for the past number of years, many families have no medical coverage, and are also not able to take financial responsibility for the ambulance services provided. We never turn unpaid invoices to collection agencies, and accept this as courtesy transport, by providing patient with peace of mind.

Heavy snow storms impact South-Eastern Pennsylvania every winter. Such weather conditions have direct impact on Emergency Services as the demand for transports outweighs the resources. Emergent inter-hospital transfers are very common during such times. At BelMed, we make every attempt to provide an inter-facility ambulance transport to patients with conditions of critical nature. Of course, safety factor is key. Emergency Department staff at Doylestown, Grand View and Lower Bucks Hospitals know from experience that BelMed always provided an ambulance transport for their patients, when no one else could, due to heavy snow storms.